Our mission is to be DC’s most trusted cannabis brand.

Since 2015, we’ve served 25,000+ happy clients from the DMV area. DC Bayside is powered by a team of friendly professionals. We value our clients and deliver amazing customer service. No funny business

202Bayside began out of a frustration with sketchy dealers.

May 29, 2015. I sat in my car, bag in hand. And when I opened the brown paper bag, there was a bag of popcorn. No joke. It was my first time meeting up with this guy. I was done with losing my money to dealers who: I didn’t trust. Stole my money. Constantly lied.
I hated dealing with sketchy people. At the time, I didn’t even smoke. It was for my father. My father had used cannabis his entire life for his depression. I remember, when I was younger, he’d go on the back porch every night to smoke. If I came home empty-handed, I knew he would struggle with his next week of work. I knew that there were people out there who genuinely needed help with pain, stress, anxiety, and even cancer. So why couldn’t there be a better service?

This issue kind of haunted me for a long time. I was really fed up with sitting around watching people like my father struggle, even though the solution was just an ethical service and quality bud.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I began working on opening up DC Bayside that exact week. And from there, I have never looked back. I only did any of this because I cared about my dad. And not only my dad, but every person who truly needs quality bud to make his/her life the best it can be.

What our clients say about us

Rated 4.8 from our clients

Want to join the DC Bayside team?

Job Description

We are searching for a Full-time customer consultant for our Cannabis Consultancy in Southwest Washington DC who will consult with clients, package orders, deliver orders, and package materials. Be aware, this is not for you if you are: looking to build your own company or only looking for a part-time gig.

We love our clients and we love to see them high and happy.

We love people who have relevant work experience as budtenders at dispensaries, or people who excel in sales positions.

Key Responsibilities
  • Provides each patient with best-in-class customer service
  • Educates patients on all varieties of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in the store via phone calls
  • Accurately processes and dispenses cannabis to patients
  • Stocking/restocking product
  • Operate POS system and efficiently and accurately process payments
  • Other tasks as assigned by management
  • Package orders precisely and accurately
  • Deliver orders curbside to clients

Employee benefits

  • Starting fixed salary: Starting at $2,500 USD per month and up for more experienced team members + promotion opportunities
  • Free cannabis to try, test, and taste
  • Promotion opportunities for the right candidate
  • Full-time position, requiring 40-50 hours a week of availability

Please do not call or text us to check in the status of your application. We have 100s of applications every day and will reach out to the candidates who are the best fit and we ONLY will consider people who apply through the application 🙂

Job Requirements

  • Premium level of customer service
  • 21 years old or older
  • Possess valid driver’s license or state ID.
  • Must pass all required background checks.
  • Ability to work nights, holidays, and weekends.
  • Reliable car to commute to SW Washington DC

Personal Suitability

  • High degree of trustworthiness
  • You will need to work full time in our office in Washington DC.
  • You need to be able to work autonomously without being supervised.
  • You need to be able to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • You’re not in for the short run and want to commit for at least two years working for us.
  • You want to be part of something bigger. You have a very high degree of loyalty and the ability to work in a team.
  • You possess healthy self-confidence and have a strong, positive mindset.
  • You need to learn extremely fast and be 100% coachable.
  • You possess the typical virtues: Discipline, punctuality, reliability, and precise working.

Application Process

To apply for this position, please fill out the application here: https://202bayside.recruitee.com

We would like to thank all the applicants for their interest. We will contact only candidates who match the profile we are looking for. Thank you for your understanding. Please do not call us to check in the status of your application. We have 100s of applications every day and will reach out to the candidates who are the best fit 🙂

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