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Welcome to the deepest weed menu in Washington DC with more than 40 products, updated with new products and brands every few days. 


Super Rare (3.5g)

Exclusivity and rare treasures that make all of our clients feel special. A cut above the rest. Connoisseurs and serious smokers have a dream: to be able to smoke legendary and hard-to-find strains like this ones.


Exotic Flower (3.5g)

Loaded with terps, and covered in trichomes, these Exotic buds will have your friends knocking at your door minutes after you light the first blunt. While our exotic prices look like trap shop, don’t sweat it, these nugs are the real deal.


Premium Flower (3g)

Looking for fire at a mid-shelf price? Look no further. This option is perfect for those who are looking for variety, as you can see this menu changes each and every week. But remember, once we run out, chances are that we may never have the same strains two times!


Organic CBD Products

Our organically-grown, boutique-quality CBD produce highly effective products that can naturally help and relief everyone with mental and physical ailments. (and if you give it to your grandmother for arthritis, she won’t get high).


Not-Your-Mother's THC Sweets

Edibles have come a long way since the knock-outs from our Rhode Island days. Now, you can dose efficiently, consistently, and discreetly with our selection of gummies, sweets, and tinctures. Before you know it, you’ll be hungry for more.


Concentrates offer the most elevated experience for the advanced consumer and our selection is made for the pros. The Bayside team takes extra care when storing and transporting these temperature sensitive treats, so you’ll experience the product exactly as the extractor intended.

  • Lemon Zkittlez (Indica Hybrid) Gelato #33

  • Garlic Cookies (Indica Hybrid) Animal Cookies (Indica Hybrid)

  • Sour Diesel (Sativa) California Kush (Hybrid)

  • Rated 0 out of 5

    Super Lemon Haze (S)


Newly Legal! Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms has been used for more than 10,000 years in various spiritual and medical rituals. Experiences can vary, but people report altered perceptions of time and space, feelings of euphoria, and a contemplative, dream-like state.


Single-origin, ethically sourced, and loaded with terps, these cartridges won’t disappoint. Safety tested and mother approved, our selection of cartridges is sure to keep you elevated on the couch or on-the-go.


Looking for the ultimate convenience that can be shared with the squad on a moment’s notice? Load up on these prerolls so you’ll be ready to pass one to the left whenever the occasion calls – your friends will love you a little bit more too.