Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Edibles: DC Weed by 202Bayside

If you prefer not to inhale THC by smoking a joint this ultimate guide to edibles will help you find better options for you.

Edibles will get you just as high as smoking weed, or more! But when you ingest cannabis in the form of edibles, the process of getting high is a bit different.

Because an edible has to go through the digestive tract and liver before getting absorbed into the bloodstream, it takes significantly longer for the THC to hit your brain. But once it does, it’s stronger and has a longer life. That’s why If you have decided to consume edibles for the first time, you will likely be recommended to begin with the lowest possible dose.

The biggest benefit of consuming cannabis-infused edibles is the ability to feel the effects of cannabis without having to smoke flower or vaporize concentrates. Consuming is easy and intuitive since we all know how to eat!

Some other distinct advantages that edibles present over smoking. include: 

  • No respiratory risk. Regular cannabis smoking could be associated  with respiratory issues such as lung inflammation and bronchitis. Edibles do not involve burning marijuana and inhaling the smoke, and therefore do not pose the same risks. 
  • Longer duration. Edibles last longer than smoking or vaping, which makes them ideal for medicinal users who want long-acting relief from symptoms. 
  • Accessible. Taking edibles does not require going outside. People who cannot smoke may also find edible products easier to consume. 
  • Discreet. Much like medication, it’s possible to take edibles without others noticing. Unlike smoking, edibles aren’t associated with odor. This may be helpful for those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, and need to take it while at work.

Now, Edibles come in many different forms, and new products come into 202baysdie almost weekly, but the Common types of edibles include:

  • Baked goods:  like brownies
  • Candy and sweets: like gummies, cereal bars and lollipops.
  • Beverages: as drinks and sodas
  • And Other products: like oil tinctures

All of them with dosages, and different CBD to THC ratios.

Reach out to the professionals at 202Bayside in Washington DC anytime you want to learn more about the differences between the effects of smoking weed and consuming cannabis edibles. You should always stick with professionally manufactured edibles purchased at a reputable dispensary, both purity and potency.

At 202Bayside, we offer an extremely user-friendly experience that includes staff who are highly knowledgeable about all of our high-quality edibles.

The THC found in our edibles is infused into either extracts or tinctures. Edibles can often increase appetite, relieve pain, and improve mood and sleep. Regardless of the type of product you are seeking, our team will help you find it.


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